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Inmarsat's global broadband service is setting new standards for worldwide communications solutions

Inmarsat Network

Your signal is sent over a vast network which includes satellites so you can get a signal all over the planet. With Inmarsat's broadband service you can have a global Internet signal wherever you need it!


Inmarsat's new Global Xpress is setting new standards for global broadband for maritime, enterprise, government, and aviation. With Inmarsat's broadband service you can accelerate your business.


Inmarsat's devices have been engineered for ease of use. Even ships that need to be at sea spend less time in the dock for the installation of satellite terminals. Fleet Xpress is ready to support your fleet!

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Explorer 510

Reliability, portability, and convenience all in a satellite terminal.

High Performance

The Explorer 510 provides simultaneous high quality voice and Internet access with portability in mind. Since this sleek terminal runs on Inmarsat's world reknowned broadband service, high-performance is somewhat of an understatement!


The Explorer 510 is a true communication smarthub and gives you access to it from any device no matter what the screen size is of your device. Convenience, portability, and reliability all while keeping the customer in mind.


Since the 510 is smaller than a standard laptop, you can carry it anywhere you want simply in a bag. You can literally take it anywhere you need!

Simple Connections

When you need to use it, just easily connect via wi-fi or usb and you are ready to go. The Connect App is designed specifically with the customer in mind so it is very easy to use so you can concentrate on what you need to!

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Explorer 710

High-performance in a portable satellite terminal,
everything you need for a strong signal while off the beaten path!
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The Explorer Series is a well proven and thoroughly tested range of satellite terminals utilizing Inmarsat’s BGAN technology, providing instant and reliable voice and broadband access regardless of time and place.

Inmarsat's award winning world reknowned network gives the Explorer Series terminals their long reach to nearly every point on earth with the exception of earth's extreme polar regions.

It is portable enough to take anywhere that you need off of the grid and reliable enough to stream voice and data at speeds that let you accomplish what you need to, when you need to. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and will always provide you a quality and reliable connection when it is needed most!

No matter if you are in the desert, on a remote tropical island somewhere, or in the middle of the jungle, you can always expect a good signal from the Explorer 710. It is ruggedly engineered for use off of the grid and will always deliver you a good quality signal on Inmarsat's network.

Setup is simple and ease of use was kept in mind as well with the engineering of the entire Explorer Series line of terminals. Whether you need a terminal for working while off of the grid or you just want to stay connected with global voice and data; it will continue to perform no matter what your needs!

Inmarsat's broadband service provides simultaneous voice and data from small and lightweight satellite terminals; miles from anywhere and you have a signal! Setting it up is easy and using it is even moreso.

If you need voice and data off of the grid with a device and services that are known for quality, reliability, and performance; the Explorer 710 and Inmarsat's global satellite network is exactly what you need!

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Global Xpress

Inmarsat has a broad portfolio of voice and data services that satisfies customers' communications requirements. Global Xpress is adding to this by leaps and bounds by being the first high-speed broadband network to span the world.

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress is setting the new standard for maritime communications and comes from a trusted supplier that has been serving the market for over 35 years. It is purposely designed for mobility, traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam and from one satellite to another.


A single Inmarsat installation enables a wide range of uses in the cockpit and the cabin. It includes safety communications, weather and flight-plan updates, as well as passenger connectivity for email, Internet access, VoIP telephones, GSM, and SMS messaging.


The days of managing multiple legacy VSAT service contracts with differing service level agreements and satellite terminal standards are numbered. Global Xpress delivers the first global Ka-band high-speed broadband service from a single satellite network operator, making it very convenient!

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Pricing and Rates Coming Soon

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$19.99 month
  • 1 Hosting
  • 15 Projects
  • 30GB Storage
  • Unlimated Usage
  • 50GB Bandwidth
$29.99 month
  • 5 Hosting
  • 35 Projects
  • 50GB Storage
  • Unlimated Usage
  • 150GB Bandwidth
$49.99 month
  • Unlimated Hosting
  • Unlimated Projects
  • Unlimated Storage
  • Unlimated Usage
  • Unlimated Bandwidth